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About us

About the Returns (Návraty) Program

Welcome to the Creative Workshops website dedicated to one of our programs called Returns (Návraty). This program offers, since 2005, complex support for people with damaged or injured brain.

Program Returns

The program offers social and work rehabilitation to those who got over an injury of the brain or cerebrosis and, after a long-term stay in medical and remedial facilities, want to return to an active and meaningful living.

The proram also helps to recover work and social skills, and also to manage problems connected with e.g. memory disorders, three-dimensional orientation, increased tiredness, or communication. It also helps people to achieve a high measure of self-care and self-suffiency.


Program Returns offers the following services

  • Social-work therapy
  • Case management
  • Work counselling
  • A support group that enables regular meeting of people who are in similar life situations


All services are registred according to the Czech Law on Social Services (nr. 108/2006 of 2007).


Our team and approach

Our goal is to provide high quality service that would always respond to the needs of the individual client. That is why our multidisciplinary team consists of professionals from the area of special needs and social pedagogy, as well as social work. We also cooperate on a long-term basis with specialists from psychology, psychiatry, neurology, and logopaedia.

Program Returns is, due to its target group and scope of the provided services, unique not only in the municipality of Prague but also in the whole Czech Republic.