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How you can support us

There are many ways how to support us. It depends on you which one would suit you the most.


We believe we are unique in what we are doing and would happily let you to take part in it as well.


As an illustration, here are a few examples of support from the previous years.


Any other idea how to support us? Be more than welcome to share it with us :)


  • Purchase of craftwork made by our clients

Many small gifts and decorative products are made by our clients during the social-work therapy. Through this activity, they are able to develop many important skills which are useful in the labour market as well as in social interaction. All handcrafted products could be tailormade according to your wishes and needs. We are also able to provide you with decoration for any special event at your office/ company, e.g. for Chrismas or Easter. In the photo gallery on this website you can find many examples of our handicraft products.


  • PR support

Your professional advise and expertise within the PR area could help us to improve our communication strategy. Providing us with space on your website, in newsletters, or in connection with invoicing, will also be very useful.


  • Other professional support or material donations

There is always something that we miss and you may have more then needed. We, as well as our clients, are always happy for useful gifts, even if this would consist of small things (e.g. diaries, new office supplies and equipment, workshop equipment, or various materials which could be used in the workshop). Big support and financial savings for us could be also take place in the form of provided services (e.g. printing of leaflets, marketing and financial counselling, IT support, or small repair works). We also have very good experience from organizing Community days in our organistion for volunteers from the commercial sector.


  • Financial donations

We welcome and appreciate financial donations of any amount. Simply transfer your financial gift to our Czech bank account in CZK, number 2900231647, bank code 2010 (Fio Banka) together with a completed deed of gift on the following email: castulik@dilnytvorivosti.cz.
Finantial donations could be deducted from your tax base according to the salary tax law nr. 586/1992 Sb.



Acknowledgement to our donators and supporters
We kindly thank to all the belowmentioned organisations as well as individuals who support the program Returns. Thanks to your support we are able to help people with damaged or injured brain to return to everyday life.


Financial donations from companies and commercial foundations

Governmental and municipal grants

Foundation contributions

Financial contributions 

Financial gifts from individuals

Company purchases, support with sales, and purchases of our handcrafted products